Our Name

Vicious Fishes Brewery is the name of our company.

Vicious Fishes Brewery, Tap & Kitchen is the name of our Fuquay gastropub

Vicious Fishes Brewery, Apex is the working name for the new taproom we intend to open mid-2019

Vicious Fishes is an acceptable shortened version of our name

Our Logo

Center stage of our primary logo is our endearingly goofy piranha. Vicious Fishes' logo has featured a piranha since 1993. Why a piranha? What could be a more vicious fish?

Download .ai or .jpg

Our Colors

The color of our piranha is #BF2025

Brand Typeface

Our brand typeface is Geared Slab. Sometimes we separate the words Vicious and Fishes with our crossed hooks logo embellishment.

Pictures, Our Venues and More

Pictures of our venues, beers, food, menus, merch and more are hosted in our dropbox. More pictures are added regularly.