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Things have gotten busy at Vicious Fishes and we've gotten to meet a lot of new faces over the last few weeks. One thing we hear a lot is how much people enjoy following along with us here as we go about building out a new brewery. It's long overdue that we'd share with you what we're up to.

We started June with a big bang. We welcomed Josh Munck to the team. Known on Instagram as @wokeupahero, he's been exactly that for us. Josh has been manning the bar most evenings, allowing Andrew to focus on planning to hold fun events and food trucks.

And we've had some great food trucks so far. 13th Taco, Flattz, Poblanos Tacos, Spud Kings and Bold Flavors have been out pairing their excellent cuisine with the beers in our taproom. We even hosted our neighbors Texas Pit BBQ during the Angier Bike Fest.

Coming up next we've got Moon Runners, Rolling Bistro, Big Mike's BBQ (Brew N Que) and a return of 13th Taco (see their Moo Moo dish, below).

We've also started to have live music on site. It turns out that the brewhouse is an excellent place to have a band. With the doors up to the taproom and biergarten, it's loud enough for to rock and roll, but low enough to hold a conversation. We kicked off our concert series with the Jason Calhoun Calzone Experience followed by Big Head Dog.

In the coming weeks, we've got some awesome live music in store, including Robbie Reid & Friends (6/24), Southern Grace (7/15) and Rusted Rails (8/12). If you like live music and would like to see us host bands more frequently, you've gotta let us know!

We've also started lining up a lineup of fun events each week. We've purchased a record player and we're going to try Vinyl nights every Tuesday night. We've got an enormous cache of records and welcome y'all to bring your own.

The karaoke machine just showed up today and we're going to dedicate Monday nights to your awesome renditions of Pour Some Sugar On Me, Livin' on a Prayer and Sweet Caroline. Don't Stop Believin'!!

What we get asked about more than anything else is when are we going to be serving our own beer. We've submitted our application to the Federal government's regulator and expect to be licensed to brew some time this summer. We are also working to expand our brewery operation - details on that coming soon.

In the meantime, we continue to brew at home to refine recipes. So far, we've shared samples of our Here Be Dragons IPA and Siren's Song Golden Blonde and gotten some excellent feedback.

Verrrry soon, we'll have a new batch of Here Be Dragons for y'all to try and a couple of sour beers. Tentatively named PlioSour, we've got one with raspberry and pomegranate and another with passionfruit and pineapple.

The hops we've planted in the biergarten are starting to climb the light posts

And we're now selling growlers of beer

And have a new batch of t-shirt designs, hats and soy candles.

We hope you'll come out and join us soon!

Next time.... brewhouse updates and maybe some brewery construction pics!

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