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It's Happening!

Now that the taproom has been open for a couple of months, people keep asking us when we're going to be brewing our own beer... Soon!!! We've been approved to brew by the Federal government and the State of North Carolina. We also recently received our brewhouse!

We bought our brew equipment from Atlantic Brew Supply (ABS) in Raleigh NC.

But before the equipment could be put in place, we needed to upfit the brewhouse with trench drains so that we'd be able to more easily clean up after brewing. Based on the way our brewery area lays out between doors, coolers and plumbing, we settled on the configuration below.

Josh couldn't wait to strike the first blow of demolition

And then we realized we needed to bring in the professionals. We've worked with George Llanes at Professional Landscapes NC for quite a bit of the renovation so far. He's responsible for the beautiful biergarten so many of you love. Here's Angelo and team cutting out the concrete according to the layout above.

After the concrete was cut, we laid in the trench drains.

And then filled around the drains with concrete. The concrete slopes to the drain, which should make the process of cleaning up after spraying down much easier.

And then our brewery was delivered! Here's Alex unloading the brew platform from the flatbed truck. Fortunately for us, he'd used forklifts before.

Here's our mash tun being loaded into the brewery area.

And with the brewhouse temporarily placed

Fermenters came on the next delivery a few hours later

And here's everything in place just waiting to be connected.

From here, we've got to get our plumbing technician to hook up our boiler. Looks like we'll finally be brewing in September!

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