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Why we're excited...

Here are the Top 3 Reasons we're excited to be coming to Downtown Cary.

#1 Hanging in Cary

Ever since we announced our plan to locate in Downtown Cary, we've never felt so many welcoming hugs! We're really grateful that the Town of Cary has invited us to participate in so many downtown events this year, including the Downtown Chowdown food truck festival in April, the Pimento Cheese Festival in June, and Park After Dark in August.

Additionally, in partnership with Lowe's Foods, we've got a bunch of tap takeovers coming up this Fall in Cary, including September 1 at Lowe's Tryon (with our good buds from Southern Pines Brewing), September 17th at Lowe's Highhouse, and September 20th at their newest store at Mills Park. These are super fun events because we get to present our beers, talk to patrons, and answer questions. Sometimes, we even give away t-shirts, glasses, stickers, and more! Please make it a point to come out and say Hi!

#2. The Fish Tanks!

We are really excited about the serving tanks we'll have above our inside bar. One of the most challenging things our taproom staff has to deal with on a super busy day is the changing out of kegs when there's a long line of patrons. Similarly, our brew team has to fill all those kegs one by one. The Cary taproom is going to be different, with serving tanks hoisted above the bar! These 1000 Liter (8.5 barrel) tanks will hold and deliver the absolute freshest beer one can enjoy in Cary! There's no better way to enjoy fresh craft beer than from these serving tanks. Heck, they're beautiful, too!

#3. The Fire Pit!

We LOVE summertime! But by the time we reach the end of a hot and humid August, it's hard not to look forward to hoodie weather. The Cary venue is going to have an awesome fire pit just steps from our outdoor bar. There's nothing quite like sitting in front of a blazing fire with a cold beverage on a cool Fall evening! Let's GO!


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