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Helloooo Cary!

You may have heard the rumors and we're excited to confirm that they're true - we're opening a new brewery and taproom in downtown Cary!

Why Cary you might ask? Well, it's complicated... and also it's not. The complicated part has to do with our brewery location in Angier, our home for the last 5 years. We've simply run out of space and power in that location. We recently added another warehouse bay to our footprint and that's allowed us to start a barrel-aging program that will yield mixed-culture sour beers and barrel aged dark beers. We're super excited about the funky things that will emerge from Angier over the upcoming years! However, that location is limited in how much power it can provide a brewery. On that site, we have a small brewery, single-phase power, and no natural gas, so we have hit the maximum production limit that the location will allow. We simply need more of everything for our production to keep up with the demand of our taprooms in Apex and Fuquay.

That leads us to why adding a Cary location is not complicated at all. Cary simply enjoys one of the most vibrant craft beer scenes in North Carolina. We fell into an opportunity that will allow us to upsize our capacity at least 4x with a much larger system. And we'll able to do so at a location that will house not just us, but another brewery, as well. Instead of building another Vicious Fishes location, we're participating in the development of a craft beer and local food destination! Between the breweries will be an enormous biergarten with tons of greenery, a live music stage, a fire pit ring, and spots for two food trucks every day. The developer team has visited dozens of the most iconic brewery sites around the country in an effort to bring all the best of the best ideas to how this site can become the most amazing that it can be.

We're honored and excited to be able to participate in what is sure to be one of the most iconic craft beer destinations in the State. There's so much more to say and we look forward to sharing more as the project progresses. Stay tuned to our progress on Facebook & Instagram!


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